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Custom Furnituremaking


Solid wood

After consultation with the customer we pick either from our rich stocks or from our verified suppliers. We devote special atttention to attributes of used material, especially to its moisture which is a factor that significantly affects durability of the final product. As solid wood we prefer traditional local species(pine, spruce, Douglas fir, oak, beech, ash, maple, walnut), but you can choose from a wide range of specific and exotic woods.


the next vital material used in the production of our furniture. Veneers are very diverse and variable, depends on the species used and the method of their pre-production. This fact, together with an individual approach to each project allows us to adapt the selection and use of veneer to style of your furniture. In this area we cooperate with TORAPO, which ranks among the elite suppliers, and we are therefore able to produce real "veneer specials".


Plywood, bioboards, decking, mdf boards, and other board material we buy from JAFHOLZ company, which sells wide range of structural glued lumber, construction lumber, various types of fittings, etc. ...

Laminates - Formica

materials with enormous potential in not only traditional areas of use (kitchen countertops, cabinet doors), but also in construction (cladding, facades). A separate chapter in the use of these materials is the custom designed furniture, where laminates offers almost infinite possibilities. These materials are supplied by LAMINÁTYPROTRUHLÁRE company.


is a factor that directly affects functionality and usability of furniture. We do not allow any compromise, and use only proven and high quality products by BLUM or HETTICH, with guaranteeing long-term functionality. It depends on your choice, but believe that we are able to equip your kitchen with the same systems (for example touch-control), which can be found in luxury kitchens POGGENPOHL.


For the final finish we use a variety of materials and products. OSMO's products is our choice for shellac polishes, beeswaxes and natural oils. We offer painted surfaces in all RAL shades or various degrees of gloss. For this type of surface treatment we use MILES, a top supplier in this field.

There certainly are many other materials usable for the production of furniture which we are ready to discuss and recommend to you.